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Who are we?

Today, Crypto University EU is an independent organisation with our own, unique way of doing things and a philosophy from which we have developed our own strategy. The I’M-TEN Strategy (Pronunciation: *I em ten*). The focus of this Strategy is in creating success stories for everybody.

Our tagline is: “Learn. Earn. Grow.”. First of all, we give you all the necessary education you need to familiarise yourself with the new, digital world. The world of digital currencies and blockchain technology. Don’t be frightened by these perhaps still unknown terms. Once you know what it’s really all about, you can decide if you want to continue with it, or not. In other words, if you want to capitalise on the rising of a new technology. On top of that, we offer you the opportunity to grow on both a personal and financial level.

Through our connections, we are in direct contact with cryptocurrency and blockchain experts worldwide. Because of this, we have the ability to inform our Members very quickly about new opportunities that arise. Furthermore, we ensure that your potential profits are greater, whilst keeping risk to an absolute minimum.

The initiator behind Crypto University EU is Senne Trenson. In 2017, this young entrepreneur discovered the blockchain technology and the opportunities that come with it. He has made it his mission to offer education about this new market to people worldwide on the one hand, and on the other hand to offer them the possibility of building a passive income or even achieving financial and personal freedom. Led by Senne and with the help of his international contacts, Crypto University EU is a platform where wealth and well-being are created for everyone.

Crypto University EU

What do we do?

Our mission consists of much more than just giving you education about digital currencies such as Bitcoin and the blockchain technology behind it. We want to ensure that with our education, training and guidance you have the knowledge that allows you to make use of this opportunity. How far you want to go with this depends entirely on your personal wishes, expectations, dreams and the time you want to spend on it.

After following our GREE Introduction Webinar, you can decide whether you want to capitalise on this market, or not. You need very little time for that. You can start quickly and just see this as a way to diversify your money whilst increasing your capital through a passive income. And this without having to invest many thousands of euros right away, as is often the case with traditional investments such as shares or real estate. This makes it much more accessible for everyone.

However, you can also go much further and build a successful business thanks to our Business Training and personal guidance. Depending on your efforts, you could achieve personal and financial freedom in a short space of time. We have members who have been able to quit their jobs in less than one year, have started a new life and have achieved many of their personal dreams that seemed impossible to reach before. What is necessary for this, of course, will also vary from person to person. Feel free to contact us for more information, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Since we want to lower the threshold to our Training and make it possible for everyone to participate in this technological, economic and financial revolution, we offer our wide range of products and services for at very attractive rates. On top of that we offer everyone the possibility to get up to 100% of their investment in our Training back (coming soon)!

Crypto University EU

Why cryptocurrency?

To answer this question, we will go a little further into what we mean by “diversifying your money” as described above.

The most successful investor in history always adheres to the principle of “Never put all your eggs in one basket”. If we look at this for investing in general, he means that you should never use all your means in one asset class (investment category). For example, a person who invests all his money in shares still uses everything for shares only. Suppose the stock market collapses, he risks losing his entire capital at once.

If we look at this more widely, this also applies to the way in which we keep our money. Even if you have multiple bank accounts with different banks and maybe some shares, this is still part of the same financial system. Unless you own gold, you only have one form of money, namely “fiat currency” (currency issued by the government). This system has many drawbacks and dangers and offers absolutely no certainty. Even though we grew up with it, you should not to put all your trust in this and be at risk of losing everything if something goes wrong. This has already happened several times, the last time was in 2008.

Because of this and many other reasons, it is a very good idea to learn more about this new market. After attending our basic training, you will know exactly why digital currency is a good/better alternative to our well-known fiat currency. Then you can diversify part of your funds and potentially achieve very high profits by doing so. Disclaimer: never invest more than what you feel comfortable with. As with any investment, there can be no guarantees and there is always a certain risk involved. We do not offer financial advice. However, thanks to our strategies, education and guidance, the risk is kept to a minimum.

Contact us today. Do not wait any longer, NOW is the right moment to take action.

Crypto University EU

Why choose Crypto University EU?

How we work.

At Crypto University EU, we want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to not just understand this new technology but also to use it as an opportunity and to be able to form an opinion based on facts and knowledge.

As an introduction to cryptocurrency, to acquire some important basic knowledge about it that most people don’t possess yet, we can give you access to the FREE Introduction Webinar. You can discuss this further with the Crypto University EU Coach who referred you to this website OR contact us now.

In this free webinar, we will educate you on some of the essentials related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This should answer some of the questions that you may have. Besides that, we will also talk about our successful and proven I’M-TEN Strategy as well as our products and services.

Afterwards, you will have to give an answer to following very important question: “Do I want to capitalise on this opportunity?”.

If the answer to this question is “Yes”, you can now decide which of our products and/or services you would like to start with.

  • Basic Training & Starters Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Business Training
  • I’M-TEN Opportunities

Attention: Our Training products and services are still in development. Definitely let us know if you want to stay informed and be added to the list to be able to be the first to invest in our products and services. Everyone who is on this pre-order list will get even more advantageous rates! All details will follow shortly.

Our strengths.

As we want cryptocurrency to be accessible to everyone, we ensure that our training courses are as clear as possible. We explain everything in a way that is easier to understand, for instance by making comparisons with things that we all know and have grown up with. Are certain things not clear yet? Then feel free to ask us your questions or view the appropriate training videos in the Members Area.

Unlike other cryptocurrency education platforms, we don’t just give you information and knowledge on this subject. We help you step-by-step and we can even help you with personal development if you wish. From securing your accounts to purchasing and transacting cryptocurrencies, to building your business and your network. Another difference is that via our FREE Introduction WEbinar we are offering you a lot of very valuable knowledge, even before you decide whether you want to invest in cryptocurrency and before you have invested in any of our products and/or services. This knowledge gives you an important advantage over the masses who do not yet possess this knowledge and the many people who will only learn this when it’s already widely accepted (and thus when little can be earned).

On top of all the above, Crypto University EU has a lot more to offer. Our services include mentoring and leadership, what and when to buy + how and when to liquidate your crypto, clear strategies, creating greater profitability and learn to avoid losing money. We teach you what compounding interest is and how you can earn more money using it (instead of paying it). We also teach you how to manage your money better, and we highly value clear communication and regular updates. Additional benefits are related to our unique and proven I’M-TEN Strategy and our connections with experts worldwide. Finally, we do extensive research before we decide to work with other companies (and offer these as an opportunity to you), helping you to steer clear from unethical businesses, minimising risk and maximising your profits.

Lakshmi Empire and their Crypto University have already proven that this way of working is extremely effective to create wealth and well-being. They have changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide and have a very high success rate. Some people are simply earning a passive income that allows them to enjoy life more and work less. Others are completely financially and personally free or are on their way to achieving it. Crypto University EU continues to build on this success.

If you are satisfied by our Training (which we’re sure you will be) and share your experiences with Crypto University EU with other people, we will reward you for this through commissions. This is in fact very important to us in order to be able to grow and help more people. In most cases (except for the Live Seminars) you will be able to earn back your entire investment in our Training only by sharing it with 2 people (who must naturally also invest in our Training – details will follow)!

Crypto University EU

Who is Crypto University EU for?

You don’t need to have prior knowledge about cryptocurrency or the blockchain technology to be able to get our education. We ensure that everyone can get education with us that is fully geared to his or her current knowledge. On the other hand, if you already have knowledge (advanced or basic), then you can still come to us. You can request a personal meeting with one of our Coaches, or take a look at our Products Page. There will definitely be something that is perfect for you (coming soon)!

Whatever your goals, dreams and expectations, we can help you. Are you looking for a back-up for later? Do you want an additional, completely passive income per month? Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset, but still have not started a business yet? Do you want to achieve personal and financial freedom?

For those who want to completely change their lives (in a positive sense), we even offer transformation coaching and motivation training. This means that we help you change your mindset to focus on positivity and achieving your dreams. This requires determination, dedication, perseverance and an open mind. Is this something you could use? Then speak to us about this, and we will gladly help you further. Make sure your beliefs do not stop you from working on a better, happier and healthier future.

Crypto University EU

How to get started?

The first step is to get access to the FREE Introduction Webinar. We will look together for a time that suits you best and when you would like to watch the webinar. It’s 45 minutes long and contains all education that you need to decide whether you would like to proceed. Of course, if you have any further questions, it’s our pleasure to answer them. Make an appointment with the CU EU Coach with whom you’re in contact, or contact us now.

You can only get access to the webinar for a limited time, it’s a recording, because we want to make sure that we can schedule a moment which perfectly suits your schedule. In exchange, we request you watch it at that moment, so that we are able to answer your questions immediately afterwards and you can decide which steps you’re going to take next.

It’s, of course, possible that your decision has already been made and you would like to start as soon as possible. Then you can look at our Products Page and choose the Training that you would like to start with (coming soon). – These aren’t available just yet, but we can add you to the pre-order list so that you’ll be one of the first to get access as soon as our products and services are available. You’ll also get even more advantageous rates!

Do not wait any longer, contact us directly so that you can get the necessary education and start capitalising on this very exciting new market of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The best moment to start was yesterday, the second best moment is now. Do not postpone this. Otherwise, you will regret it!

We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals.

– Crypto University EU Team

Crypto University EU

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